Connecting people socially, physically and mentally through surfing in a safe, stimulating, homely & fun environment.
Providing a platform to spark and/or support a passion for surfing and its lifestyle exclusively on Aberavon Beach.
Promoting long term physical and mental wellbeing and tackling key social issues in the local community through professional, courteous, un-biased and respectful tuition and &

Meet The Team


Nick & Liane

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Together since the start of the Surf School, Liane & Nick are passionate about the benefits of surfing and encouraging local people as well as people from outside of the town to learn to surf. Nick is a surf instructor whilst Liane is the one usually behind the emails and social media. 



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Kian has been an instructor for three years. He found his passion for surfing whilst attending the Surf School Wales surf club and then went on to train and qualify as a surf Instructor. He is Surf School Wales through and through and has fantastic feedback from customers.



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Alun has just spent his first season with Surf School Wales. An experienced surf instructor with a passion for sharing his love of surfing with others. Alun has a natural talent of teaching others in a friendly and encouraging way - we’’re delighted to say he has decided to come back for 2021!



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Although new to the Surf School Wales team for 2021, Brandon is no stranger to Aberavon Beach. He has surfed on Aberavon since a young grom and last summer was part of the beach lifeguard team keeping the beach safe during the summer of 2020. 


Millie, Kylume & Faith

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Millie, Kylume and Faith are all previous members of the Surf School Wales Surf Club who for the summer of 2021 are volunteering at the School and get some work experience.


They got involved in the set up, teaching and fully included in the team operation.