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Yonder Waterproof Zinc Sun Protection

Yonder Waterproof Zinc Sun Protection


It’s a product you sill want to use all the time.


Yonder have been testing various recipes since early spring and had a pretty stringent list of criteria in a zinc we like to use as surfers.


It comes in 60ml tins, is white in colour, has a subtle scent of lemongrass, lavender and peppermint.


Use liberally before each session - zinc acts a physical blocker to the sun so the white tint must be visible on your face to act as a barrier. If it comes off you’re not protected.


Firm. They wanted a zinc that gave resistance to the fingers when applying but not so firm it was hard work in the cold.


Colour. They tried a few, they were heading towards the skin-coloured route but after lots of testing and trialling, the feedback was that white is more universal and the feedback was that it’s better to be obvious that you’re wearing zinc than it look like make-up.


Scent. They didn’t want an overpowering scent, but they wanted something that carried essential oils that have benefits to the skin, carry SPF properties and smell fresh when applied. Waterproof.


They were striving for a vegan recipe but on testing, beeswax provided the most waterproof protection. They use a UK beeswax also as oppose in importing other possible alternatives.

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